In 2005 I completed the Lange Book 2005. This turned out to be a ten year project. I learned some great lessons and look forward to writing another family history book in the future.
In 1996 I made my first family tree, showing the descendants and ascendants of my parents John and Dorothy Marsh. Since then I have completed several more trees for cousins and updated the original Marsh/Lange tree several times.
For two years I made family history calendars for my cousins and friends. With so many pictures and the cost of printing, I have moved on to making DVD's.
The first DVD that I made was for a family reunion up in northern Minnesota Since then I have made several DVD's for both paternal and maternal families. The Lange DVD was awarded second place in a genealogy contest.
In 2010 I started making large 12 x 18 posters of my paternal and maternal family, going back to 1856 in some cases. The first poster I did was of my Uncle William Marsh and Amelia Earhart. Since then I have made more than 30 posters to date.
Here are some names that I am researching and other links. If you have interest in any names, please contact me.