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In 2003 I made a twelve page family calendar for my cousins, family and friends. The first thing that I did was to find a printer who could handle the job. I live near a Kinko's in Huntington Beach, California and they were able to do the job. I found out that all pictures had to be CMYK, about 300-400 DPI and saved as TIFF files. I carefully reviewed all of my pictures and selected thirteen photos (12 for the calendar and 1 for the front cover). I scanned the photos as required by the printer and burned a CD with all the images. About one week later I had 30 calendars in my hand. What the calendars did is to open up a lot of new doors for me with cousins sending me boxes of photos, slides and movie film to archive.

In 2004 I made a Lange Calendar, my mother Dorothy M. Lange is from Minnesota. I contacted many of my Lange cousins and asked for older photos. Making calendars is a lot of fun, but you are limited to the amount of photos that you can use. Also I discovered that with the cost of printing and shipping calendars, I could create family history DVD's with more than thirty times the pictures and music for about one fourth the cost of calendars.